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 Fire Cupping


If you are a new client, please contact us before making a booking.

We will discuss your requirements beforehand and recommend the most suitable treatment to book.

Treatment Rooms:

Reshape Fitness 84a Beckenham High Street, BR3 1ED

The Pavilion By Mytime Active, Kentish Way, Bromley BR1 3EF

Arms Massage Therapy - TuiNa, Fire Cupping & much more
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1 Hour 

This treatment is focused on improving your posture, working with myofascial tissue and deep tissue to help relive restricted muscles, 

Helps correct rounded shoulders, Tilted head, Anterior Pelvic Tilt.



1 hour

With this treatment we focus on the main complaint:

Neck pain/neck restrictions

Shoulder pain/frozen shoulder

Back pain/sciatica

Tennis/Golfers Elbow 

Knee & Ankle 

Planter Fasciitis  

Posture Correction


30 minutes 

The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles. It moves stagnation, stretches tight muscles, myofascial release, moves blood & lymph, draws out coughs & colds, helps with cellulite, moves inflammation, breaks up scar tissue, is relaxing and is great for your body’s general well-being.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)


1 Hour 

Pre & Post Op Lymphatic Massage.

MLD Is a relaxing massaged used to detoxify the body and help water retention. 

Child Physiotherapy
Block Booking


6 x 1 hour Sessions

Saving of £61

Best used for injury Rehab, Pain Management.

Block Booking


4 x 1 hour Sessions

Saving of £30

Best for upkeep as part of your lifestyle improvement routine. With this option we can tailor each treatment for your requirements, using a combinations of services.

Soccer Game


1 hour

Perfect for pre work out & post work outs.  This treatment is tailored but not limited to the elite athlete, or the gym goer, weekend jogger, bike rider. Allows you to recover more quickly by removing lactic acid in your muscles, allows your muscles to stay soft which helps prevent injuries.



30 minutes 

For follow up appointments only. Best to continue treatment of an issue.

Image by John Fornander
Block Booking


10 x 1 hour Sessions

Saving of £150!

This Package was created for the regular gym goer or the elite  athlete, who wants to help prevent injury, helps improve range of motion, Endurance, Accuracy, Recovery. 

With this option we can tailor each treatment for your requirements, using a combinations of services.

Boxing in gym
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