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At The Medical Therapy Group, we understand the competitive nature of those participating in sports and that occasionally injuries will occur in the heat of competition. Our sports injury specialists are ready to help you prevent and recover from injuries of all types whether you are a professional athlete, semi professional or an individual who participates in sports or just enjoys being active.

At The Medical Therapy Group, we care about your ability to get back in the game, we understand the nature of sports related injuries and how to treat them.


Treating the whole patient

The Medical Therapy Group practitioners consider each patient unique and work with them to understand their specific needs and concerns. Our sports therapy clinic, which is located in the centre of Bromley, is open to athletes of any level and treats any sports related injury.

The Medical Therapy Group, we provide our patients with individualised and comprehensive sports injury treatment and rehabilitation programmes. Our approach encompasses non-surgical treatments that relieves pain, promotes healing and prevents future injury, combined with patient education in physical therapy techniques, functional fitness, general wellness, and ergonomics.


This comprehensive sports injury treatment strategy aims to optimise results, shorten recovery time and prevent re-injury.

Our commitment to excellence begins with a focus on personalised attention. We recognise that each person has their own unique needs and desired outcomes. Treatment plans are designed to increase strength, restore range of motion and alleviate pain.

Below is a list of some of the conditions that we are skilled at diagnosing and have treated successfully at our clinics. The list is not exhaustive (otherwise it would be just too long) so if you have a query then please email us at      or call on   to discuss your injury further.

Acute Neck Injuries

Disc bulges
Wry neck
Facet dysfunctions
Acute Shoulder Injuries
ACJ disruptions
Muscle tears/sprains


Adductor strains
Hip flexor strains
Lower abdominal discomfort
Pubic related pain
Anterior Knee Pain
ITB friction syndrome
Infra-patella bursitis


Stress fractures
Plantar fasciitis
Tarsal tunnel syndrome
Lis Franc fractures & impingements


SIJ dysfunction
Facet dysfunction
Piriformis syndrome
Referred pain

Manual Stretching


The goals of physical therapy for most patients focus on decreasing pain and swelling, increasing joint and soft tissue mobility, increasing flexibility, and increasing muscle performance.  


By addressing these impairments, patients have an easier time returning to their previous level of activity.  While many machines and modalities are used to accomplish these goals, most skilled clinicians will use their hands as an adjunct to treatment.  Referred to as manual therapy, the use of a “hands-on” approach offers the physical therapist more insight into a patient’s condition.  


The laying on of hands enables the clinician to detect changes in tissue tightness, tissue temperature, joint mobility, muscle flexibility, and muscle tone that may not be detected with machines or medical imaging. A skilled physical therapist with advanced training in manual therapy can assess these physiological changes as they occur during the specific procedure.  

Manual therapy is a large emphasis of rehabilitation at The Sports Rehabilitation Center and different manual therapy treatments are offered to meet the needs of the patient.

Manual Stretch

30 Minutes £50

1 Hour £85

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